Simplifying repetitive administrative tasks by using low-code solutions: An overview

This week my post is a few days later, as my post is an extension of the session of me and Pim Jacobs at the Nordic Virtual Summit Third Edition. At the virtual summit we did a session about Simplifying repetitive administrative tasks by using low-code solutions​. During that session we shared information around the basics of low-code solutions and we provided some nice examples around Microsoft Intune and Azure AD. This post will provide a quick summary of that session. The slides (PDF) of that session are available for download here.

Closing notes and summary

It might sound a bit weird to start with the closing notes and summary. That, however, is the best summary of our session, as the biggest part of the session was demo. Besides the difference in what classifies as low-code, that summary provides some nice pointers to get started with low-code solutions in Azure Logic Apps. More information about the examples shown during the session, can be found in the more information section. That includes examples around interactive Adaptive Cards.

It was a fun time! Till the next one!

More information

For more information about getting started with these low-code solutions, refer to the following articles.

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  1. Nordic Virtual Summit seems to be great event… that I’ve missed :/
    Do you know if event recordings are available anywhere…?

    I was searching online but can’t find it anywhere.


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