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  1. Hi Peter,

    looking to make a usb, offline install of the corporate images we have here on our sccm server (especially if PXE is down), but unsure of how to get started. Figured I couldn’t just copy the required .wim files along with the other .iso files on a usb root and voila, I’m good. Any idea how I can accomplish this? Thx!!!!

    • Hi Byron,

      You can create a standalone media. If you do that with the USB drive in the PC you can immediately write it to the USB drive. If not, you can create a bootable USB drive and copy the content of the create standalone media.


  2. Hi Peter,

    Do you have a tutorial / guide to change the default (desktop) Microsoft Outlook font and its size? I tried it with a Powershell script in Intune, without luck. Is this possible with a OMA-URI and upload an XML file?

    Regards Aaron


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