I’m Peter van der Woude, born In 1983 and I’m living together with my wife and two sons in the Netherlands. I’m a huge sports fan – in all honesty more passive then active – who loves watching basketball, cycling, motorsports and many more. I used to be a playing basketball and nowadays start playing a bit again with the boys.

In my daily job I work at KPN and my main focus is the innovation of our modern workplace solution (using Microsoft Endpoint Manager)! The best thing about my job is that I could make my hobby into my job. I simply love working with technologies like ConfigMgr, Microsoft Intune, Windows 10, Azure AD and many more. That also gives me the additional energy to share my knowledge with the community. I loving sharing my knowledge by writing here at my blog and by speaking on events like Experts Live, Microsoft TechSummit, Workplace Ninja’s Summit and many more.

For being that active in the community, I’ve been awarded with the Microsoft MVP award for Enterprise Mobility since July 2015 and I’ve been awarded with the Windows Insider MVP award since January 2019. I’m really proud and honored to have these awards.