Quick tip: Allow access to unlicensed admins

This week a quick extra blog post about a small nice new feature that became available in Microsoft Intune. That feature is the setting to allow access to Microsoft Intune for unlicensed admins. That setting enables an organization to toggle a tenant-wide setting that removes the Intune license requirement for administrators when accessing the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin console (and Microsoft Graph). Once toggled it can never be reinstated.

The following two steps walk through the process of allowing access to unlicensed admins

  1. Open the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center portal and navigate to Tenant administrationRoles > Administrator Licensing to open the Intune roles | Administrator Licensing page
  2. On the Intune roles | Administrator Licensing page, click Allow access to unlicensed admins
  3. On the Allow access to unlicensed admins verification window, click Yes

After following these steps all unlicensed administrators have access to Microsoft Intune. To revoke the access of an unlicensed administrator, simply remove their membership of any Intune role.

3 thoughts on “Quick tip: Allow access to unlicensed admins”

  1. Will the button “Allow access to unlicensed admins” go away after toggling it once? I’m asking because I clicked on it and confirmed, but the button stayed and my admins are still unable to access (until licensed).

    • Hi Derek,
      Yes, the button should go away. I’ve heard something similar to what you’re experiencing and the solution in that case was to retry it after a couple of hours. When that doesn’t work, you might have to contact support.
      Regards, Peter


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