Installing/ Deploying Windows Live Writer with ConfigMgr 2007

First of all, this post is not (meant as) a Step-By-Step. I will just show the big picture. As I like to install everything with ConfigMgr 2007, I also wanted to install my blogging tool with ConfigMgr 2007. My blogging tool is Windows Live Writer, nice, simple and easy. As it was kind of hard to find information about which command-line to use, the command-line will be part of this post.

To install/ deploy Windows Live Writer with ConfigMgr 2007, simply follow the next 4 steps:

  1. Download the full installer of Windows Live (WLSetup) here:*.
  2. Create a new Package in ConfigMgr 2007 (Site Database > Computer Management > Software Distribution > Packages) and point the Data Source to the location where you keep the installer.
  3. Create a new Program with the newly created package and use the command-line: wlsetup-all.exe /AppSelect:Writer /quiet. This command-line will only install the Windows Live Writer and is based on this article:
  4. Create a new Advertisement of the newly created program and it is all ready to install/ deploy!

* Keep in mind that it will first start with downloading the web installer. Cancel this download and press “Try Again”, this time it will start to download the full installer.

2 thoughts on “Installing/ Deploying Windows Live Writer with ConfigMgr 2007”

  1. I gotta say Pete, that was a little lazy… Is there a way to install it with an MSI? Is there a workaround to the web installer problem? Thanks!

  2. 1. The default installer is not an MSI but an EXE, so to be able to install it with an MSI you first have to create one…
    2. There is no real problem with the web installer. It’s just that you need an internet connection when you use the web installer, so to avoid that I use the full installer. If you want to use the web installer, then you can use: [b]wlsetup-web.exe /AppSelect:Writer /quiet[/b]

    Hope this helps!


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