16 thoughts on “Easily hiding the ability to use passwords for signing into Windows”

  1. Hi Peter,

    I have a profile with 3 settings in it:
    1 Configure web sign in Allowed Urls
    2 Enable passwordless experience (this doesn’t remove the Password logon button as you mention)
    3 Enable web signin.

    But what ever I do, it asks my for a password. I don’t see you mentioning anything about Conditional Access policies, so I assume they wont clash with this Web sign in. It seems so easy to enable…

    Do you have any tip what I am missing 🙂

    • And is the Authenticator app also an allowed and configured authentication method for the user?
      Besides that, are you using an actual shared device configuration, or just a standard Windows device with multiple users?
      Regards, Peter

      • After receiving Reader rights in the Tenant, i found it last week. The setting for the MS Authenticator is not configured as Any but Push.


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