What is DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe?

AADSync_DirectorySyncClientCmdLet’s end this year, on my blog, with a short blog post about DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe. This executable is part of the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync Services (AAD Sync), which is the predecessor of the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync tool (DirSync). AAD Sync is the (new) way to connect Azure AD with the on-premises AD. In combination with Microsoft Intune (and ConfigMgr) the most common use case, for AAD Sync, is the synchronization of the on-premises users (and their properties) to the Azure AD.

To trigger the synchronization there is the executable named DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe. That means that, unlike in DirSync, there is no need for PowerShell to trigger a synchronization.


AADSync_ScheduledTask_thumb[2]This executable is actually only used in one way by AAD Sync. During the installation of AAD Sync a new scheduled task, named Azure AD Sync Scheduler, is created. This scheduled task will run DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe once every three hours. This same scheduled task can be adjusted when there is a need to run the synchronization more often, or less.

Also good to know is that DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe can be started manually, by simple double-clicking it. Even better to know is that this executable has more options. Simply run this executable with the “?” parameter to reveal them. It will show the delta and the initial parameters. The delta parameter is simply the default behavior when the executable is started and the initial parameter can be used when the initial synchronization was skipped.


SynchronizationServiceManagerTo follow the results of triggering DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe, simply use the Synchronization Service Manager. This will show an overview of the actions that were performed during the triggered synchronization (and all the previous synchronizations).

Also good to know is that when DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe is triggered directly, is that it will display the progress on-screen in a Command Prompt.

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