Quick tip: Working with the device enrollment manager and automatic enrollment

This is another short and quick blog post. This time about the device enrollment manager in combination with the automatic enrollment in Microsoft Intune, which is powered by Azure AD. The device enrollment manager is a configuration within Microsoft Intune standalone, or Microsoft Intune hybrid (starting with ConfigMgr 1511). However, with really active use of the device enrollment manager, it is possible to run into some default configuration challenges. This post will provide a quick tip about those challenges.


The documentation about the device enrollment manager contains a note that device enrollment manager user accounts, with more than 20 devices enrolled, might have problems using the Company Portal app. In case that potential problem is not an issue, for the usage within the company, it’s good to know that those 20 devices are not a hard limit to the maximum number of enrolled devices.

However, in case more than 20 devices must be enrolled, in combination with automatic device enrollment of Azure AD, make sure to adjust the following configuration. Without this adjustment problems will occur with the Azure AD join, simply because the default maximum number of devices is set to 20 per user.

  • MaxDevicesIn the Microsoft Azure
    portal, navigate to ACTIVE DIRECTORY >
  • Select the CONFIGURE tab and scroll down to the devices section;
  • Adjust the number with MAXIMUM NUMBER OF DEVICES PER

More information

For more information about the device enrollment manager, in Microsoft Intune standalone and hybrid, and automatic enrollment, please refer to:

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