Microsoft MVP 2022-2023!

That feeling never changes and it never gets normal, it just awesome! A few hours ago I received that great email that I’m awarded with the 2022-2023 Microsoft MVP Award for my contributions in the Enterprise Mobility technical communities! That’s number 8! With every year I’m still always looking for words to describe that feeling that comes with recieving this award. I’m feeling humbled, I’m feeling proud, I’m feeling exited, but above all I’m feeling honored! Really honored!

As with previous years, to me every award is always worth a small post. On one hand because I’m very delighted, very honored, very proud and very exited of receiving my eigth award in a row, but on the other hand even more because I just need to let everyone know that I’m very thankful. Thankful for Microsoft for presenting me with this award, but above all thankful for my great and awesome family. Without their support I wouldn’t be able to spend hours behind my laptop. Without their support I wouldn’t be able to speak on events. Without their support this blog wouldn’t exist! Without their support I wouldn’t be able to contribute the way I am! Like every year, a really big thank you to my awesome wife and our super kids for giving met time to do my “thing”. Me and my family are ready for another community driven year!

6 thoughts on “Microsoft MVP 2022-2023!”

  1. HI Peter,

    Congratulations on 8yrs! Let’s be honest, 1yr is awesome, 8yrs is extraordinary.

    I enjoy reading your posts and regularly learn new things from them,

    Wel done and enjoy the moment,

  2. Congrats, always top notch articles and info & even more important your responses to questions! Well deserved.


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