Just Released: Import Computer Form v0.7

Today I released a public version of my Import Computer Form. Many has been written about scripts to Import Computer Information in ConfigMgr 2012, via PowerShell, but there was never a worked-out example (like all the different HTA’s there where for the previous version). That’s why I thought it would be nice to post an example form to just simply Import Computer Information in ConfigMgr 2012. Again, like with my Approval Manager, I did NOT use the PowerShell Cmdlets for ConfigMgr 2012, but just PowerShell to WMI. The main reason for that is, still the same, that using WMI, via PowerShell, is much friendlier for remote usage.

Import Computer Form

This public version gives the user the possibility to perform the following actions, without the need of access to and/ or a locally installed ConfigMgr console:

  • ImpoCompForm07Fill in a Computer name.
  • Fill in a MAC Address.
  • Select an OS Deployment Collection.
  • Import the Computer Information.
  • Close the form.

Security Role

This time I won’t spent to much time on specifying which rights are necessary to Import Computer Information. The reason for that is simple, as it’s been very good explained in this post on the TechNet Blogs

Public Available

As of today my Import Computer Form is publicly available via the TechNet Galleries. Please let me know what you think of the tool.

8 thoughts on “Just Released: Import Computer Form v0.7”

  1. Hi Peter,
    Great tool! Is it possible to add a box with the possibility to enter AD Computer Description?

    • Hi Matthew,
      Thanks! Of course it’s possible to add a box for the AD Computer Description, but why would you want that?
      At this moment this tool is only for importing computer information in to ConfigMgr. Adding it to the AD/ joining the domain is mostly done during the deployment.

  2. Hi Peter,

    I like your script!

    One field is for the daily Operation helpful: Primary User. An offered seclection from the AD on an OU would be very nice. Like the collection field (With Dropdown menu). Can you add These?


  3. Hi again,

    and an update function to speed up to Membership in the collection is helpful.
    It takes a lot time to wait for. Is that possible?


  4. What is the Collection Name i have to mention ? I gave the full of Collection but still it was not taking.


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