Updated: Approval Manager v0.8

After I released the first public version of my Approval Manager, last week, I’ve got some nice comments on it. One of these comments was that it would be very handy to built-in some alerting. And that’s what I did in this updated version!

Approval Manager

This updated version gives the user the possibility to perform the following actions, without the need of access to and/ or a locally installed ConfigMgr console:

  • ApprMana08Select a User from the specified Collection.
  • Show only Approval Requests, for the selected User, that are Pending Approval.
  • (NEW!) Show an alert when new Approval Requests, are Pending Approval, for the Users of the specified Collection.
  • Approve, the selected, Approval Request.
  • Deny, the selected, Approval Request.
  • Close the form.


As mentioned, above, there is a new function to add some alerting. This function adds a timer that will check every hour for new Approval Requests, which are Pending Approval, for the Users of the specified Collection. This function can be enabled by using the new command line switch –EnableAlert.

Public Available

As of today the updated version of my Approval Manager is publicly available via the TechNet Galleries. Please let me know what you think of the tool (and specifically this update).

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