6 thoughts on “Conditional access and sign-in frequency”

  1. Peter,

    Great article, very informative. I’m hoping you can help me solve a conditional access requirement. How would I make non-compliant users adhere to a sign-in frequency while not affecting compliant devices?

    I have a conditional access for company phones that do not prompt MFA/password if Azure AD bound, compliant, and/or trusted locations.

  2. Just to make sure I better understand this setting. If applied, it’s no longer a rolling window? So you enforce a logon (password prompt) at the selected frequency?

    When using an Azure AD registered device, then a user that logs on the device will not see other password prompts? In both apps and browsers?

    Regards, Kaj

  3. What happens if you select the option in your browser to cache your credentials when you sign into the Session?

    Does this mean your password automatically populates in the sign in box and potentially leaves a user’s account exposed on an unmanaged device ?

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