Company Portal app enrollment for Windows 10

This week a small blog post about the Company Portal app enrollment experience, for Windows 10 Desktop devices, that has been recently added to the Company Portal app. This new experience enables the end-user to perform the enrollment procedure during the initial sign-in to the Company Portal app and aligns the enrollment experience with the other supported platforms.. This blog post will show this new enrollment experience, the new alterative enrollment experience and the end result.

Main end-user enrollment experience

Now let’s start by looking at the main new end-user enrollment experience on Windows 10 Desktop devices via the Company Portal app. This complete experience is nothing more than the following 4 simple steps.

1 CompanyPortal_01The end-user opens the Company Portal app and is prompted to provide a work or school account;
2 CompanyPortal_02The end-user provides its work account, which takes the end-user to the sign-in page of the company, provides its password and clicks Sign in;
3 CompanyPortal_03The end-user is brought to a new experience that enables the end-user to immediately start the enrollment of its device by clicking Yes;
4 CompanyPortal_04The end-user is shown a success message and only needs to click Done to continue in the Company Portal app with a successfully enrolled Windows 10 device.

Alternative end-user enrollment experience

The alternative new experience, for Windows 10 Desktop devices, is available when the end-user clicks Skip for now during step 3 mentioned above. This enables the following experience in the Company Portal app.

1 CompanyPortal_05The end-user opens the Company Portal app and should click on the message Either this device isn’t enrolled, or the Company Portal app can’t identify it. To install apps and gain access to company resources, you must enroll or identify this devices. Tap this message to get started.;
2 CompanyPortal_06The end-user is brought to a new experience that enables the end-user to immediately navigate to the standard Windows 10 enrollment experience, by clicking Enroll this device;
3 CompanyPortal_07The end-user is brought to the standard Windows 10 enrollment experience.

End result

The end result during both new enrollment experiences is the same. In both cases the end-user will end-up with a workplace joined and Microsoft Intune managed Windows 10 Desktop device, as shown below.

CompanyPortal_Result_01 CompanyPortal_Result_02

9 thoughts on “Company Portal app enrollment for Windows 10”

  1. Is it still needed to also perform the “enroll only in device management” on the connect to work or school settings page in order to get full MDM capabilities on both a Windows 10 desktop or mobile device?

    I’ve seen conflicting information on which is the best way to enroll Windows 10 devices.
    Company Portal-only?
    Or Company Portal + MDM enrollment.

    Thank you

  2. Hi, great blog!
    is there a way to automate Intune enrollment for domain joined devices? It appears that automatic MDM enrollment works only for Azure AD joined devices.
    In my scenario, we are considering removing SCCM and moving all the management to Intune, but the enrollment process is problematic for Domain Joined devices. Thank you!

    • Hi Jose,

      Your biggest challenge, at this moment, is that a device can only be managed via MDM or SCCM. In other words, you first need to remove the SCCM client before you can enroll via MDM. Also, there is no auto enrollment for domain joined devices, only auto registration in Azure AD.


  3. Thanks for this.

    We have local domain joined computers.
    We are now looking at SCCM or Intune. If we enroll windows 10 devices into Intune, is there a way to permanently keep these corp devices enrolled so that the end user cannot unenroll ?

  4. Thanks! Did you have any further info on how to do this ?
    Is it possible to prevent users from unenrolling from Intune when on MacOSX


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