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SoftwareCenter_TwThis time a short blog post as an answer to one of my tweets of yesterday. I’m afraid this post will take away all the flair of that tweet. The picture in that tweet looked so cool, but is actually also so simple to configure. The new Software Center will actually just take the Company Logo as configured in the Microsoft Intune Subscription Properties.


Now let’s quickly go through the configuration. Assuming a Microsoft Intune Subscription is added, simply perform the following steps:

  • MISPIn the Configuration Manager administration console navigate to Administration > Overview > Cloud Services > Microsoft Intune Subscriptions;
  • Select Microsoft Intune Subscription and click Properties;
  • Navigate to the tab Company Logo, select Include company logo, Browse to the JPEG or PNG that should be used and click OK.

End-user experience

Let’s end this post with showing the end-user experience again. The end-user will see the newly configured Company Logo in the top-left corner of the new Software Center. That makes sure that the end-user will experience a similar look-and-feel on all its devices. Here is an example of the new Software Center next to the Company Portal app on iOS.

New Software Center Company Portal app
SoftwareCenter_LF IMG_0004

4 thoughts on “Company logo in the new Software Center”

  1. We use Intune and I did put in the logo’s.
    They show up in de Company Portal App but not in the Software Center.

    Any idea’s? (not so important offcourse)


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