The new managed app installation experience on iOS 9 devices

This week a short blog post about the new managed apps installation experience for end-users on iOS 9 devices, as it was a huge pain. One of the most heard complaints with managed apps, on iOS, was about the fact that the end-user would have to manually uninstall their personally-installed apps. After that the managed app could be installed and it would really work and act like a managed app.

New in iOS 9 is the ability to convert a personally-installed app to a managed app. This allows Microsoft Intune (standalone and hybrid) to take the management of a personally-installed app and turn it into a managed app. Of course, only after the users’ permission. This is really an iOS 9 ability and does not affect devices with iOS 8 and earlier.

End-user experience

Now let’s have a look at what the new end-user experience looks like. This experience is the same for required and available deployed managed apps. At the moment of the installation of the managed app, the end-user will get the following behavior depending on their situation. When the app is not yet installed the Install managed app behavior is applicable and when the app is already personally-installed the Manage managed app behavior is applicable.

Install managed app Manage managed app
InstallWord ManageWord
“” is about to install and manage the app “Word” from the App Store. Your iTunes account will not be charged for this app. Would you like to let “” take management of the app “Microsoft Word”? Your app data will become managed.

Note: Keep in mind that after allowing the management of the personally-installed app, the app will be a fully managed app. That also means that the app and its data will be removed after the removal of the management profile.

More information

For more information about the new iOS 9 features, please refer to the following article about the Day Zero Support for iOS 9 with Intune.

5 thoughts on “The new managed app installation experience on iOS 9 devices”

  1. Is there a way to stop those notifications if you don’t want the app managed? Why do I still get those messages if I deleted the app??

  2. Hi,
    I downloaded intune for my office 365 to access my work e-mails. However, I have now deleted the intune account, microsoft account, and even office 365 off my phone but the notifications to install apps (excel, ppt, word) will not disappear and keep popping up. How do I make them stop? I even reset my whole phone.


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