Quick tip: Available token types for app configuration policies

This is a quick and short blog post to create awareness about the existence of token types. Token types are basically just variables that can be used within a property list of an app configuration policy in Microsoft Intune hybrid and Microsoft Intune standalone. This blog post will provide a quick overview about the available token types with example values.


The following table contains the currently available token types for Microsoft Intune hybrid and Microsoft Intune standalone. Before going through this table, it’s good to know that the {{ and }} characters are used by token types only and should not be used for other purposes.

Token type Example value
{{userprincipalname}} pvanderwoude@petervanderwoude.nl
{{mail}} pvanderwoude@petervanderwoude.nl
{{partialupn}} pvanderwoude
{{accountid}} fcc00012-123e-f479-aabe-abe2a1123b45
{{deviceid}} c7d01dd3-136f-40c5-b843-711e958c4eef
{{userid}} 2dda638e-28b7-4bdc-a4fd-70faaa811010
{{username}} Peter van der Woude
{{serialnumber}} F9FPVD86FCM5
{{serialnumberlast4digits}} FCM5

More information

For more information about iOS apps with mobile app configuration policies, in Microsoft Intune standalone and Microsoft Intune hybrid, please refer to:

5 thoughts on “Quick tip: Available token types for app configuration policies

  1. Hi Peter, thanks for the write up. Do you know, is this also available for Intune IOS Configuration Policies – Custom Configurations? We are wanting to build an IOS SSO profile using mail as a variable in the config. e.g.


    Alternatively, any examples of how to deliver an SSO profile for IOS?

  2. Peter,
    I have had an open ticket with MS since may as this setting doesn’t work on InTune Hybrid. The token type is passed as a literal value. Have you also seen this and/or have any insight?


  3. I was hoping so too but it doesn’t appear to be. I’m told by MS it’s on roadmap for 1610 now.


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