Managing browser settings via Windows 10 MDM

This week a short blog post about managing browser settings via Windows 10 MDM. Most of these settings are not very special and are very well documented in the Policy CSP. However, the configuration of the home page is a small exception. Not just because the documentation is slightly off, but also because of an important change with the anniversary update of Windows 10. As most of the settings are very well documented, this post will be focused on managing the home page. I’ll provide basic information, the configuration information and show the end-user experience.


Before starting about the configuration of home pages, via Windows 10 MDM, it’s good to mention a few important notes:

  • Browser settings for Microsoft Edge can be managed;
  • Browser settings for Internet Explorer cannot be managed;
  • HTTP is the default for home pages;
  • Multiple home pages can be enforced;
  • Home pages are supported on all Windows 10 for desktop editions;
  • Starting the anniversary update of Windows 10, the end-user cannot change the enforced home page.


With this information in mind, let’s have a look at the options for configuring the home page in Microsoft Edge. The home page can be configured with a single page and with multiple pages. Per configured home page, a new tab will be opened. When a single home page must be configured, the URL alone is enough. When multiple home pages must be configured, the URLs must be separated by using the XML-escaped characters < and >.  Below is the required OMA-URI and example values, including configuration examples for Microsoft Intune standalone and Microsoft Intune hybrid.

  • OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Browser/Homepages
  • Values (single home page):
  • Values (multiple home pages): <><>
Microsoft Intune hybrid Microsoft Intune standalone
MIH_W10_Homepages MIS_W10_Homepages

End-user experience

Now let’s end with the end-user experience, starting with the anniversary update of Windows 10. When the end-user starts Microsoft Edge, the configured home page will show. When the end-user navigates to the settings of Microsoft Edge, the Open Microsoft Edge with setting is grayed out and shows the configured home page. Below are examples of that setting with a single home page and with multiple home pages.

Single homepage Multiple homepages
CSP_Homepage CSP_Homepage_2

More information

Fore more information about configuring browser settings via Windows 10 MDM, please refer to the documentation about the Policy CSP.

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  1. Thanks. Good stuff. Question for you. Intune seems to be he “new” Group Policy. How long before Intune replaces Group Policy?


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