Join us at Experts Live Europe in Prague

b-B6v-rUA bit less than two weeks from now, October 25-26, Experts Live Europe will be in Prague. Together with my finest colleague, Arjan Vroege, I will deliver two sessions! And we hope to see you there!

Experts Live Europe is a Microsoft community conference with a focus on Microsoft cloud, datacenter and workplace management. During this conference, top experts from around the world present discussion panels, ask-the-experts sessions and breakout sessions and cover the latest products, technologies and solutions.

About our sessions

The maybe-not-that-sexy version of modern management – A true story –

In this session, we will take you into the real world of modern management. Modern management is a great buzzword and by now we all know the lovely story of modern management. We all know how it should work, but we often lack the real-world examples of organizations using modern management. During this session, we will show you how we internally deployed Windows 10 with Azure AD join and Intune management for over 10k devices. What choices did we make? Which challenges did we run into? Did we close all the gaps? We’ll try to answer these question. To conclude will also look at the available options right now and how they could have helped us. We will also have a couple of cool demos. To provide a sneak preview, here is a small list with subjects that will be part of our session: Win32 apps, MSIX and Windows AutoPilot.

Thursday Friday 2:40 PM – 3.40 PM

Create your ultimate hybrid workplace, what options do you have?

During this session we will take you into the world of the hybrid workplace. The modern workplace is a great story, for cloud only organizations, but the reality is often that there are a lot of components still on-premises. During this session we will touch the different delegate subjects from identity until apps and from management until connectivity. That means, a lot of ground to cover and a lot of choices to be made. Besides that we will have a couple of cool demos, here is a small list with a sneak preview of subjects that will be part of our session:  Pass-through authentication, Co-management, Win32 apps, MSIX and Azure AD Application Proxy.

Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Make sure that you don’t miss these sessions!

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