How to control the bandwidth of the package movements in ConfigMgr 2007

In this post I will give some information about how to control the package movement of ConfigMgr 2007. The table in this post shows the Bandwidth Control options with the different Package Movements in ConfigMgr 2007. Besides the Bandwidth Control it also show if it uses Binary Differential Replication (BDR). BDR is used by ConfigMgr 2007 to update package source files with a minimum of additional network traffic. It sends the parts of the package that have changed since the last time the package was sent. This minimizes the network traffic between sites. A file is considered to be changed if it has been renamed, moved, or its contents have changed.

Package Movement Bandwidth Control BDR
From package source directory to site server None No
From site server to standard distribution point None Yes
From parent site server to child site server Bandwidth controlled by Address settings on the sender between sites Yes
From child site server to child standard distribution point None Yes
From standard distribution point to branch distribution point BITS or manually pre-staged on the branch distribution point Yes
From standard distribution point to client BITS, if BITS-enabled distribution point is available and advertisement is configured to download and run locally. No
From branch distribution point to client None No

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