Extend the Hardware Inventory for PolicyManager settings on Windows Phone 8.1

This blog post will be a follow-up on last weeks blog post about THE Windows Phone 8.1 configuration baseline, as I will show this week how those settings can be added to the hardware inventory. Especially with using multiple configuration baselines and Company Resource Access policies, it’s easy to loose track of the current configuration of, in this case, Windows Phone 8.1. That’s why I  took the information about the PolicyManager configuration service provider (CSP),  again, as provided in the Windows Phone 8.1 MDM Protocol document, but this time to create a MOF file.

Hardware Inventory settings

By default ConfigMgr (and Microsoft Intune) will inventory a lot of great information, but not about the settings managed via the PolicyManager. That is why I created a MOF file for all the settings in the PolicyManager and that MOF file can be used to extend the current hardware inventory. A good thing to note here is that only settings that are currently configured via the PolicyManager will be available for the hardware inventory. This MOF file will contain all reporting string like the following example about the Allow Cellular Data Roaming setting.

[SMS_Report (TRUE), SMS_DEVICE_URI(“WM:./Vendor/MSFT/PolicyManager/My/Connectivity/AllowCellularDataRoaming”)] String Allow_Cellular_Data_Roaming;

HardwareInventoryMOFThis MOF file adds the inventory information for the following settings:

  • Allow Action Center Notifications;
  • Allow Adding Non-Microsoft Accounts Manually;
  • Allow Auto Connect To WiFi Sense Hotspots;
  • Allow Bluetooth;
  • Allow Browser;
  • Allow Camera;
  • Allow Cellular Data Roaming;
  • Allow Copy-Paste;
  • Allow Cortana;
  • Allow Developer Unlock;
  • Allow Idle Return Without Password;
  • Allow Internet Sharing;
  • Allow Location;
  • Allow Manual MDM Unenrollment;
  • Allow Manual Root Certificate Installation;
  • Allow Manual WiFi Configuration;
  • Allow Microsoft Account Connection;
  • Allow NFC;
  • Allow Save As of Office Files;
  • Allow Screen Capture;
  • Allow Search To Use Location;
  • Allow Sharing of Office Files;
  • Allow Simple Device Password;
  • Allow Storage Card;
  • Allow Store;
  • Allow Storing Images From Vision Search;
  • Allow Sync My Settings;
  • Allow Telemetry;
  • Allow USB Connection;
  • Allow User To Reset Phone;
  • Allow Voice Recording;
  • Allow VPN Over Cellular;
  • Allow VPN Roaming Over Cellular;
  • Allow WiFi;
  • Allow WiFi Hotspot Reporting;
  • Alphanumeric Device Password Required;
  • Application Restrictions;
  • Device Password Enabled;
  • Device Password Expiration;
  • Device Password History;
  • Maximum Device Password Failed Attempts;
  • Maximum Inactivity Time Device Lock;
  • Minimum Device Password Complex Characters;
  • Minimum Device Password Length;
  • Require Device Encryption;
  • Safe Search Permissions.

Available for download

Starting today this MOF file, for extending the hardware inventory on Windows Phone 8.1, is available for download via the TechNet Galleries. Keep in mind that it contains the currently configurable enterprise policies that can be used to manage these devices. When this gets updated, I’ll try to update the MOF file accordingly. 

>> The complete configuration baseline is available in the TechNet Galleries! <<

To use this MOF file, simply download it and import it in ConfigMgr. After this the different settings can be added to the hardware inventory.

Further reading

The information about the configurable enterprise polices can be found in the Windows Phone 8.1 MDM Protocol document, starting with page 132. As mentioned before, this document is available for downloaded here: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=279003

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