Add HTA-Support to a Boot Image with ConfigMgr 2012

With ConfigMgr 2012 lot’s of things got simplified. One of those things is adding extra components to the Boot Images. Before it was possible to add these extra components by either using the MDT integration, or manually running DISM. Now it’s possible to do this from the console! Of course, in the background it’s still DISM that does the action.

In this post I will show an example of how to add HTA-Support to a Boot Image with ConfigMgr 2012. Of course the same steps apply to adding any of the optional components to a Boot Image.

In the ConfigMgr Console browse to Software Library > Overview > Operating System > Boot Images, right-click a Boot Image and click Properties. RigCliBooIma
In the Properties, select the tab Optional Components and click New. BooImaPro
The Select a component popup will show. Select and click Ok. SelComHTA
In the Properties click Ok (or Apply). BooImaProOk
The Configuration Manager popup will show. Click Yes. UpdDisYes
The Update Distribution Point Wizard will popup. In the Summary page click Next. UpdDisPoiWizSum
In the Progress page just wait… UpdDisPoiWizPro
In the Completion page click Close. UpdDisPoiWizCom

Now just enjoy the HTA-Support in the Boot Image!

11 thoughts on “Add HTA-Support to a Boot Image with ConfigMgr 2012”

  1. Hey ,

    That option is not by default in CM2012 (unless I run outdated version 🙂 ) – It is only available when you have MDT image or if I’m correct or SP1 ?!

    Would you be able to clarify this ?

    • Hi Mo,
      There are multiple ways, but at least you need to create a HTA first. After that you can either make it a prestart command of the Boot Image, or create a package and run it with a command like this mshta.exe YourHTA.hta

  2. I add a “Run CommandLine” action in the second line of my task sequence right under “Restart in Windows PE” and just call the HTA under the commandline: text box like osdmenu.hta. I don’t even use mshta.exe. I just dropped the hta into a package and also add the package on that same page. Works like a charm. I hate messing with the prestart commands. Here is a simple HTA to name the computer:

    OSD Menu

    Sub Window_OnLoad
    window.ResizeTo 800,600
    window.MoveTo 1,1
    Set WSHShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
    WSHShell.RegWrite “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\3\1406”, 0, “REG_DWORD”

    ‘ Hide the progress dialog
    Set oTSProgressUI = CreateObject(“Microsoft.SMS.TSProgressUI”)
    Set oTSProgressUI = Nothing

    End Sub

    Sub ButtonFinishClick

    set env = CreateObject(“Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment”)

    If len(computername.Value) 0 then
    env(“OSDComputerName”) = computername.Value
    end if


    End Sub

    Sub ButtonCancelClick
    End Sub

    Computer Name:



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