Rename your ConfigMgr Primary Site

Once you have installed your ConfigMgr Primary Site it is not possible to change the name of your Primary Site. At least not through the console… But what if you made a mistake or your company changes it’s naming conventions?? Well there is one way to change it. First off all stop the SMS_EXECUTIVE Service. After that open the site control file (<Installation directory>\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\Sitectrl.ct0) and search for BEGIN_SITE_DEFINITION. Close to that you will find your Primary Site name and you can change it (do not change anything else!!). After this save the file and start the SMS_EXECUTIVE Service again. Then after a few site refreshes your Primary Site name wil be changed.

In some cases it could be possible that you also have to change the value of the regkey: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Identification.

Update: Keep in mind that editing the sitectrl.ct0 is not supported by Microsoft!

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  1. Hi,

    Although it might work, modifications in the sitectr.ct0 file are not supported at all.
    I suggest you add this to your post, just my 2 cts.

  2. Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the post on this. I was wondering if you had any insight as to what the method is for SCCM 2012? The sitectrl file on my server is empty so no lines to modify. Changing the reg doesn’t work as once the executive service is restarted it just changes the settings back so there must be some new file 2012 uses.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  3. Peter,

    You are a lifesaver. I understand it isn’t supported but I have some people who are a bit particular when it comes to the naming and would like to see it done “right” 🙂

    Thanks for the quick response on this.

  4. This will not change the site name in AD though will it? Or the database name? For example, could I do this to an SCCM 2007 site before an installation of SCCM 2012, and then use my old site name which I prefer?

    • This will only change the display name as shown in the console. Keep in mind that there is no real harm in using the sitename again, as it’s only for displaying a nice name, but you should never reuse the sitecode.

  5. Hello. I am using SCCM 2012 R2 SP1. I need to change the display name of a primary server in a hierarchy. only the display name has to be changed not the server name.
    Is there any way? changing it could break anything? Please help.


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