How to sequence the ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console

Well… this has been asked (and handled) before and by different people, but always with using registry keys and dependency’s. I noticed that it is much easier to do this by just following the Best practices for sequencing in Microsoft Softgrid. So to create the sequence of the ConfigMgr Admin Console, follow these steps:

Prepare the Sequence machine

  1. Create a sequencing machine which represents a standard machine in your company.
  2. Make sure to exit any antivirus software and stop the Windows Update service.
  3. Make sure the machine has at least two partitions and configure the second partition as Q
  4. Create an empty folder on drive Q, with an 8.3 directory name (something like CFGMGR07.v01).
  5. (Optional) Install the prerequisites for the ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console (like MMC 3.0).
  6. Install the App-V 4.6 Sequencer.

Sequence the ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console

  1. Start the App-V 4.6 Sequencer via Start > Programs > Microsoft Application Virtualization > Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.
  2. Select Create a Package and the Sequencing Wizard will start.
  3. In the Package Information page give a Package Name, (optional) some Comments and click Next.
  4. In the Monitor Installation page click Begin Monitoring.
  5. In the Browse For Folder pop-up browse to the folder which was created in step #4 of Prepare the Sequence machine and click Ok.
  6. When the Monitor Installation page shows Install the application, and then click Stop Monitoring start the installation of the ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console to (a sub location of) the location created in step #4 of Prepare the Sequence machine.
  7. (Optional) Install the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 to (a sub location of) the location created in step #4 of Prepare the Sequence machine.
  8. (Optional) Launch the console(s) to test the functionality.
  9. (Optional) Configure ConfigMgr Integration via Start > Programs > Microsoft Deployment Toolkit > Configure ConfigMgr Integration.
  10. Click Stop Monitoring.
  11. When the Monitor Installation page shows Click Begin Monitoring when you are ready to install the application, then wait again click Next.
  12. (Optional) In the Configure Applications page, change the icon directory of the ConfigMgr Console to <Installation Directory>\AdminUI\bin\SmsSnapInResources.dll.
  13. In the Configure Applications page click Next.
  14. In the Launch Application page click Launch All and, when all applications are closed click Next.
  15. In the Sequence Package page click Finish.
  16. (Optional) On the tab Deployment add all the needed Operating Systems.
  17. Save the Sequence by clicking on the Diskette.
  18. (Important!) Modify the .osd file of the ConfigMgr Console (and if installed, also of the Deployment Workbench) to point to the local MMC.EXE by using following settings:
    PARAMETERS="%SFT_MNT%\<Installation Directory>\path to the .msc file"
  19. After this save the .osd file(s) and publish the sequence. Enjoy the working virtual application(s)!

More information about the Best practices to use for sequencing in Microsoft SoftGrid:

3 thoughts on “How to sequence the ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console”

  1. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the recipe, your recipe works for Windows XP.

    But in Windows 7 x64 the shortcut must be started with elevated permissions (run as administrator).

    I added the environment variable __COMPAT_LAYER to the OSD file:

    But this didn’t solved the issue.

    Is there a way to work around MMC elevation?


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