How to apply the default install.wim of Windows 7 to C:\ with ConfigMgr 2012

It’s already known that the default install.wim of Windows 8, by default, applies to C:\, but wouldn’t it be great if there was this same functionality for Windows 7? That way there is no need for a Build and Capture task sequence anymore to maintain a thin image. Applying the default image to C:\ in combination with offline servicing of updates will do the trick. Well… I’ve got good news! In this post I will show how to apply the default install.wim of Windows 7 to C:\!


TSEdiOSDPreDriLetThe configuration is actually very easy, it’s more about knowing that it exists. ConfigMgr 2012 SP1, which is currently still in BETA, brings a set of new task sequence variables. One of these variables can be used to apply the install.wim to any drive of choice. To configure this, follow the next steps:

  • Open a task sequence, to deploy Windows 7, in the Task Sequence Editor.
  • Add a Set Task Sequence Variable –step anywhere before the Apply Operating System –step.
  • Fill in as Task Sequence Variable OSDPreserveDriveLetter and as Value False.
  • Close the Task Sequence Editor.


By default the install.wim of Windows 7 would have applied to D:\, but by setting OSDPreserveDriveLetter to False it will apply to any drive of choice. Of course I can show this result with a screenshot of an Windows Explorer, but I think, in this case, a look at the SMSTS.log file will show more information of this success.OSDPreDriLet

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  1. HI

    Will this not work in SCCm 2007? Is there another way to force Windows 7 to install to drive C: when using the install.wim from the DVD?

    Thanks for your help.



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