ConfigMgr 2007, USMT 4.0 and moving collected files to :\Data

This weekend I’ve been playing with USMT 4.0 in combination with ConfigMgr R2 SP2 Beta. I have to say that it is a very powerful combination and I feel a bit stupid that I didn’t do much with it before. I always install it, with every installation that I do, but I never really did something with it. When I was diving in to it I found a special part of MigUser.xml.

<!– Uncomment the following if you want all the files collected from the above rules to move to <systemDrive>:\data –>
<!–                <locationModify script=”MigXmlHelper.Move(‘%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Data’)”>
                        <script>MigXmlHelper.GenerateDrivePatterns (“* [*.qdf]”, “Fixed”)</script>
                        <script>MigXmlHelper.GenerateDrivePatterns (“* [*.qsd]”, “Fixed”)</script>
                        <script>MigXmlHelper.GenerateDrivePatterns (“* [*.mdb]”, “Fixed”)</script>
                        <script>MigXmlHelper.GenerateDrivePatterns (“* [*.pub]”, “Fixed”)</script>

This part is about moving the collected files to <systemDrive>:\Data when you uncomment it. Of course I had to try this out, but when I did that my Task Sequence errored all the time with the errorcode: 0x00004005. So I took a good look at the MigUser.xml and saw that there was a little mistake in it. It says one time <objectSet> to many. So whenever you uncomment it, don’t forget to delete one time <objectSet>. 

Update: This is the same with MigUser.xml from USMT 3.0.1

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