ConfigMgr 2007 and changing the Package Source Directory by script

Sometimes there is a good reason to get out of your comfort zone. One of those reasons is moving the Source Directory of all packages to a different server/ share. This means there has to come a script to change the Source Directory of all packages, as it is not a job that you want to do manually, and scripting is not really my thing… But as it cost me some time to create something nice of it, I will share it so everyone can “enjoy it”. I created three subroutines, one for connecting to the SMS Provider, one for changing the Package Source Path and one for change the Content Source Path. The Package Source Path counts for all the different types of packages …

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Installing and enabling Remote Server Administration Tools with ConfigMgr 2007

It took me a while to figure out something that is actually very simple and logical… I couldn’t get the different parts of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) enabled by command-line on Windows 7 x64… On Windows 7 x86 it’s pretty straight forward, as it can be done with the default DISM commands. But on Windows 7 x64 it is kind of hard to get it to use the correct version of DISM. This is all because the ConfigMgr client is 32-bit application and whenever a 32-bit application wants to access %windir%\System32, it will be redirected to %windir%\SysWOW64. I tried everything, even specifying the whole path to the DISM executable, but it all didn’t matter… Until I finally figured out that there is just …

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Some often forgotten extras delivered with ConfigMgr 2007 R2/R3

I noticed lately that some extras, which are delivered/ copied with ConfigMgr 2007 R2/R3, are often forgotten to be used. So in this short post I will give them in a little time in the spotlights. Virtual Application Package Tools – The Virtual Application Package Tools are available in ConfigMgr 2007 R2 to help you manage virtual application packages in your ConfigMgr 2007 environment. The following tools are included: ManageVAppPackage.vbs – This script is used to update an existing virtual application package or to import a new virtual application. SetRetensionRules.vbs – This script is used to configure the retention policy for virtual application packages,. AppVirtMgmtClient.sms – This Package Definition File is used to create a package to install the App-V Client. AppVirtMgmtSequencer.sms – This Package …

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Configuration Manager 2007 R3 has arrived!

The System Center team is very excited to announce the release of System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3.  This release is a significant accomplishment for the engineering team for a lot of reasons.  Not only does ConfigMgr R3 drive new scenario support to existing world class capabilities, it raises core functionality to new levels of industry leading status. ……………… For the full article take a look here:

ConfigMgr 2007, Updating a Windows 7 Image with the latest Software Updates – A less conventional, but very effective way

Inspired by a previous post about the option to Schedule Updates for an already existing Operating System Image in ConfigMgr vNext, I created a little batch-file to do something similar without the GUI of ConfigMgr vNext. Of course, I do know that the ‘best practice’ for ConfigMgr 2007 is to just run another Build and Capture Task Sequence, but in some cases this can come in handy. One thing is for sure, this updates a Windows 7 Image within fifteen minutes. Background Story Now lets start with a little background story, to explain why in some situations there might be the need for this batch-file. Every month there are new Software Updates released by Microsoft. During the Software Updates Deployment the, for the organization needed, …

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ConfigMgr 2007, PXE Service Point and DHCP Options

As I’m getting some questions lately about the DHCP Options in combination with PXE Service Points (PSP), I decided to devote this post to those possibilities. When talking about a PSP and DHCP Options, there are three often used options: 060 = client Identifier (PXEClient) 066 = boot server host name 067 = boot file name Now lets start with saying: “It shouldn’t be necessary to make manual additions to the DHCP Options on the DHCP Server”. Now I can already hear the questions pop-up, what about a combined server of DHCP and WDS/PSP, what about crossing over subnets and vlans, etc., etc.. These are all good and justified questions, but not necessary. DHCP Option 060 In case there is a combined server of DHCP …

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ConfigMgr 2007, Client Push Installation – The server-side story

Sometimes its good to freshen-up some “hidden” knowledge. Its somewhere in your head, but it just needs to be freshened. One of these things is the Client Push Installation. In this post I will try to tell the story of the server side. Prerequisites for Client Push Installation To be able to do a successful Client Push Installation, the following prerequisites need to be met: There must be a Client Push Installation –account defined in the Accounts tab of the Client Push Installation Properties. The Client Push Installation –account must be a member of the local Administrators group on the targeted computer. The targeted computer must have been discovered a ConfigMgr discovery method. The targeted computer must have an ADMIN$ share. The targeted computer must …

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ConfigMgr vNext: It just gets easier and easier.

Its about time that I write my first post about ConfigMgr vNext BETA and well I really have to say that it just gets easier and easier compared to ConfigMgr 2007. The only thing I have to get used to is that everything is in a different location. Capture User Files and Setting Offline (WinPE) with Hard-Links As I have been busy a lot with capturing user files offline on my blog, lets start about how easy that becomes in ConfigMgr vNext. I still remember making BAT-files to run the ScanState –commands, in ConfigMgr vNext its just selecting the checkboxes Capture locally using links instead of copying files and Capture in off-line mode (WinPE only). After this the Capture User Files and Settings –step will …

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Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Release Candidate has been released!

I would like to make a short note of the following announcement on the ConfigMgr Connect Site ( System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Release Candidate (RC) has been released! As a member of the Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Open Beta program you can download at this Connection via the downloads tab. Feedback can be provided using the Feedback tool and also available is discussions via the Newsgroups where you can post comments and ask questions. Thank you. ConfigMgr Customer team

How to sequence the ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console

Well… this has been asked (and handled) before and by different people, but always with using registry keys and dependency’s. I noticed that it is much easier to do this by just following the Best practices for sequencing in Microsoft Softgrid. So to create the sequence of the ConfigMgr Admin Console, follow these steps: Prepare the Sequence machine Create a sequencing machine which represents a standard machine in your company. Make sure to exit any antivirus software and stop the Windows Update service. Make sure the machine has at least two partitions and configure the second partition as Q Create an empty folder on drive Q, with an 8.3 directory name (something like CFGMGR07.v01). (Optional) Install the prerequisites for the ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console (like …

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