Important note about KB3081699

Good news! Microsoft has just released KB3081699 to fix the issue that Windows Phone Apps cannot be deployed or added to Allowed Apps or Blocked Apps lists via ConfigMgr. This hotfix applies to ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 and ConfigMgr SP2. However, it’s important to note that, even though this hotfix was released after CU1, the current version of this hotfix should be installed before CU1. Update August 7, 2015: As expected this update is now available in two flavors. In the hotfix request form it’s now possible to select the one of the following: pre-CU1: ConfigMgr_2012_SP2_R2SP1_CU0_QFE_KB3081699_ENU post-CU1: ConfigMgr_2012_SP2_R2SP1_CU1_QFE_KB3081699_ENU

Store accounts and the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app

In this blog post I will answer a question that I get, with a lot of customers, and that’s if it’s required for end-users to have an account for the app store, of their platform, to download the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app. The app store that I mean here is can be the Google Play app store, the Apple app store,  the Windows Phone app store or the Windows app store. All these stores match with their platform and require their own store account to download apps. Before I can answer the initial question, I first have to answer another question. That question is if it’s required to use the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app, simply because a store account is not required if …

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How to troubleshoot Windows Phone 8.1 enrollment via Microsoft Intune

In this blog post I want to put a spotlight on the troubleshooting of Windows Phone 8.1 enrollment in Microsoft Intune (with or without ConfigMgr integration). The problem with Windows Phone enrollment was that there was little to no log information about the enrollment process, but that has changed with Windows Phone 8.1. Before Windows Phone 8.1 there were only some log files (like the dmpdownloader) when the integration with ConfigMgr was used, but in most occasions they wouldn’t show helpful information. Starting with Windows Phone 8.1 this has changed and there is the ability to get some logging of the mobile device. It’s not an easy process, and probably not an option in every situation,  but it will help to verify the health of …

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