Finally a 1.0 version of the Show Collection Details right-click action for ConfigMgr 2012!

I do have to admit that it took quite a while before I finally made a 1.0 version of this script/ form. Now it’s there, I also have to admit that I’m even a bit proud of it! It was a nice way of getting familiar with PowerShell and WMI.

What does it look like?

I won’t go through the list of all the fields that the tool shows, that list can be found here, but I did make a small movie for this final release with an overview about all the functionalities.

Show Collection Details of a Device

Where is it available?

As of now this final version of my Collection Details Form is publicly available via the TechNet Galleries and for a direct download, via ShowCollectionDetails_v1_0p.ps1.

>> Available via download here on the TechNet Galleries! <<

How can it be used?

To use this script as a right-click action, make sure that the folder <AdminConsoleInstallDir>\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\ed9dee86-eadd-4ac8-82a1-7234a4646e62 and the folder <AdminConsoleInstallDir>\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\3fd01cd1-9e01461e-92cd-94866b8d1f39 exist and add a XML file to those folders as specified here:

<ActionDescription Class="Group" DisplayName="Custom Actions" MnemonicDisplayName="Custom Actions" Description="Custom Actions" SqmDataPoint="53"> <ShowOn> <string>ContextMenu</string> </ShowOn> <ActionGroups> <ActionDescription Class="Executable" DisplayName="Show Collection Details" MnemonicDisplayName="Show Collection Details" Description="Show Collection Details"> <ShowOn> <string>ContextMenu</string> </ShowOn> <Executable> <FilePath>PowerShell.exe</FilePath> <Parameters>-ExecutionPolicy ByPass -WindowStyle Hidden "[SCRIPTLOCATION]\ShowCollectionDetails_v1_0p.ps1" -ResourceId "##SUB:ResourceId##" -SiteCode "##SUB:SiteCode##" -SiteServer "##SUB:__Server##"</Parameters> </Executable> </ActionDescription> </ActionGroups> </ActionDescription>