Remote Distribution Points in ConfigMgr 2007

This post will be a short follow-up on a previous post about How a client chooses a Distribution Point. In that post I tried to explain how a client picks a (Remote) Distribution Point (DP). In this post I will try to take away some more confusion about Remote DP’s. Let’s start with when a DP is considered a Remote DP. ConfigMgr looks at this from the clients perspective. If a client is within a Fast Network Boundary, then the DP(‘s) that is in the same Boundary will be marked as a Local DP. All the other DP’s are marked as Remote DP’s. The important part here is that a client has to be within the correct Boundary and that you are the only one who …

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How to create a Capture Only Task Sequence with ConfigMgr 2007

Some things are a lot easier then you might think. One of these things is creating a Capture Only Task Sequence. As you all know there is the option within ConfigMgr 2007 to create a Build and Capture Task Sequence, well creating a Capture Only Task Sequence is nothing more then taking the Capture part of the default Build and Capture Task Sequence. So I use in my Capture Only Task Sequence the following steps: Join Workgroup (this step is only necessary when the Reference Machine is joined to a domain) Prepare ConfigMgr Client Prepare OS Capture the Reference Machine The first steps all need to run in Full OS, which means that you can’t start this Task Sequence by booting in WinPE. I just …

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Active Directory Site Boundaries are “static”

Active Directory sites are the easiest way of defining ConfigMgr site boundaries, because they are based on physical segments. BUT besides that, you have to keep in mind that they are also static in two different ways: All the different subnets have to be manually included and configured in the Active Directory sites. Once an Active Directory Site Name is selected as an ConfigMgr Site Boundary, ConfigMgr will check on the selected Site Name. Even when you rename the Active Directory site! For more information about site boundaries: