Microsoft MVP 2017-2018!

Yeah! Awesome! Just received that great email that I’m awarded with the 2017-2018 Microsoft MVP Award for my contributions in the Enterprise Mobility technical communities!


To me this is always worth a small post on my blog. Not just because I’m very honored, very proud and very exited of receiving my third award in a row. But also because I just need to let everyone know that it’s made possible by my great family. Without their support, this blog wouldn’t exist! Without their support I wouldn’t be able to contribute the way I am! A really big thank you to my wife and kids for letting me do my “thing”.

Me and my family are ready for another community driven year!

8 thoughts on “Microsoft MVP 2017-2018!”

  1. Congratulations! Your blog has been invaluable (especially with Windows 10 MDM which we’re trying to flesh out), so please keep up the excellent content!

    You deserve it! 🙂

  2. Hi Peter!
    I have just seen and commented on Maurice Daly’s post regarding his 6 months MVP Award, so I extend my “congrats” to you as well!
    We appreciate all your “community efforts” and contributions!
    Thanks a lot!


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