Remote Windows AutoPilot Reset

This blog post uses remote Windows AutoPilot Reset, to remotely trigger a device reset on Windows 10 devices. This capability is added in Windows 10, Insider Preview Build 17672 and later. This week it’s all about (remote) Windows AutoPilot Reset. That might sounds like something really cool and really new, but it’s actually not that new. Remember my post about Windows Automatic Redeployment? Well, that functionality still exists, but with the addition to trigger the redeployment (read: reset) remotely via Microsoft Intune, this feature is rebranded to (remote) Windows AutoPilot Reset. That means that Windows Autopilot Reset removes personal files, apps, and settings, by resetting Windows 10 while still maintaining the Azure AD Join and the Microsoft Intune enrollment. In this post I’ll show the …

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Automatically assign Windows AutoPilot deployment profile to Windows AutoPilot devices

This week another (short) blog post about Windows AutoPilot. More specifically, about automatically assigning a Windows AutoPilot deployment profile to Windows AutoPilot devices. That makes it a lot easier for administrators, as this prevents the administrators from potentially forgetting to assign the deployment profile to newly imported devices. Great improvement. Also, I have to say that this subject is documented pretty good, but it could be easier to find. This post is mainly for creating awareness regarding this subject. I’ll provide the options regarding to grouping Windows AutoPilot devices and I’ll show how those options can be used to create a dynamic group. Options Let’s start by having a look at the configuration options regarding the grouping of Windows AutoPilot devices. The imported Windows AutoPilot …

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Windows enrollment status page

This week is all about the enrollment status page for Windows 10, version 1803 and later, devices. Yes, I know that I’m not the first to write about this subject and I won’t be the last either, but I really thought that this feature deserves and demands a place on my blog. With the recent updates to Microsoft Intune, it’s now possible to enable the enrollment status page, as a preview feature, for Windows 10, version 1803 and later devices. This feature is often mentioned in combination with Windows AutoPilot, and it’s a great addition, but it’s good to remember that it’s actually applicable to any Azure AD joined (and Intune managed) Windows device. Not just Windows AutoPilot. In this post I’ll walk through the …

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Get Windows AutoPilot device information of Microsoft Intune managed devices

This week I’m going to show an example of how to collect the Windows AutoPilot device information of existing Microsoft Intune managed (Windows 10) devices. That could be useful, for example, when an organization wants one similar deployment experience for all devices. For now and in the future. In that case it can be very useful to gather the device information and upload that information. That will provide future deployments of those existing devices with the same company branded deployment experience as new devices. Also, another reason for this post is the simple fact that I’ve received this request multiple times now. This example will use an Azure storage account that will be used to store the Windows AutoPilot device information and it will use …

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Import Windows AutoPilot devices in Microsoft Intune

This week I’m going to show the import experience of Windows AutoPilot devices in Microsoft Intune. About three months ago, this wasn’t possible yet and it was still required to use the Windows Store for Business (see this blog post). Even up until a few weeks ago it was still required to perform additional steps with the formatting. Now the experience is really straight forward. I was planning on showing that experience during my session last week, at the Microsoft Tech Summit, but after speaking to many people onsite I noticed that it would be better to spent more time on explaining what Windows AutoPilot is and what Windows AutoPilot is not. Setting the expectations. An easy comparison with car and aircraft functionality helped a …

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Join me at the Tech Summit in Amsterdam

Next week, March 28-29, the Microsoft Tech Summit will be in Amsterdam and I will be there. On Wednesday (March 28) I will be available at the Ask the Experts Reception and on Thursday (March 29) I will be speaking about Manage Windows AutoPilot via Microsoft Intune. I hope I will see you there! About my session In this session, I will pull you into the world of Windows AutoPilot. Learn what Windows AutoPilot is and also, learn what Windows AutoPilot is not. In this demo-rich session I will show you how to use Windows AutoPilot, together with Microsoft Intune, to simplify device provisioning.

Manage Windows AutoPilot via Microsoft Intune

This week I’m going through the required steps for configuring Windows AutoPilot. I know that a lot has been written already about this subject, but I have the feeling that this subject needs a place on my blog. Also, the attentive reader might have noticed that I’m specifically using Microsoft Intune in the title of my blog, for the first time in over a year. That’s with a reason. This post is focused on configuring Windows AutoPilot via Microsoft Intune and will show that, at this moment, the Microsoft Store for Business is also required to complete the Microsoft Intune configuration. In this post I’ll provide a short introduction about Windows AutoPilot, followed by walking through the required configurations. I’ll end this post by quickly …

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